The ranch was completed in 2003. It is approximately 41-1/2 acres with a pond in the rear, lots of trees and rolling hills. It was originally just a vacant property with no improvements. The concept in building the ranch was to make sure that it would require low maintenance and all building materials used conformed to that concept. The other objective was to make sure that it was efficient use of the property. All of the buildings were constructed of materials that will provide for ease of maintenance. There are ten buildings in total comprised of a primary residence, two smaller guest residences, two modular homes for ranch hands, a full service shop, two barns (with 55 total stalls), a large covered arena with attached offices and guest quarters. The three homes and the office are brick, the two modular homes are metal and the arena, two barns and shop are steel construction. The homes on the property enjoy a magnificent view of pastures and rolling hills.
  • There are three large turnout pastures with automatic waterers that were designed for mares and geldings. The fencing is reinforced vinyl that has held up wonderfully. In fact all of the fencing on the road front and the enclosures for the horses are the same material.

  • In addition to the three large pastures, there are eight stallion runs. The stallion run fencing is four rails high, while all the rest of the fencing is three rails high. The stallion runs each have a metal loafing shed and automatic waterers. In addition, the stallion runs all have electric wiring at the top of the rail. The fencing requires no maintenance, however from time to time a rail will be broken and they are fairly inexpensive and easily replaced. All of the turnouts are strategically built on gently sloping land and the runoff is naturally directed to the pond. There is never any time when there is water standing in the pastures or the stallion runs.

  • All the electrical and telephone wires are buried.

  • There is an automatic gate at the front entrance. Otherwise, the property is completely secured with fencing.

  • We have a deep water well (960 feet) with a large storage tank enclosed in one of the buildings. The water is excellent quality and good to the taste. The well taps in to the Trinity River Basin and therefore you will never run out of water. In addition, we are hooked up to the co-op water and simply by flipping a valve you can access that water in the event there is a problem with the well.

  • There are beautiful riding trails with hills, trees and cross-country jumps at the rear of the property.

  • The sewage system is comprised of five aerobic water purification systems that service the homes and one other modified system for the barns.

  • The property also features heavy duty, commercial grade concrete for the driveways that extend deep into the property with full access to the barns.

    General Condition: All of the buildings are well maintained and I know of no problems with any of the equipment or infrastructure.

    Pricing: The selling price for the entire property, including all buildings and land is $2,950,000.

    Equipment: The seller will sell any and all equipment on the ranch and the price will depend on what equipment the buyer is interested in. This will be negotiated separately.

    Proud Meadows Horses: The seller will also entertain the sale of its horse business including the breeding stallions. This will be negotiated separately from the property sale price.

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