New Directions
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       In 1995, we founded Proud Meadows with a commitment to "Forward Moving Friesians,” which is really a description of the movement that is essential for a horse to be able to compete in sport. But beneath it all, we loved the beauty of the Friesian: the all-black horse of impressive stature, of the archetypal arched neck, with feathers on the hooves, of luxuriant long mane and tail, and what seemed to us to be a beautiful temperament.

Proud Meadows began advertising the philosophy of Forward-Moving Friesians in 1997 in publications like Dressage Today and USDF Connecton. Our advertising investment over the years, we believe, has been essential to promoting the Friesian beyond its traditional value as a beautiful carriage horse.

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       The Friesian breed is known better for its collection and high-stepping gait, not forward movement. We eventually discovered that only about 20-25% of Friesians are of the Forward Moving type suitable for sport, and that these individuals’ collection, fortunately, usually remains superb. We decided that we would acquire the best of these horses that we could.

       Looking back, acquiring Forward Moving Friesians for our program was a bit like finding a few needles in the haystack. Our search always took us to Germany and the Netherlands as well as North America. We considered many incredibly beautiful horses, but because our standard was Forward Moving Friesians, we challenged ourselves to find horses with both beauty and movement. We carefully selected four stallions to join Doktor as the foundation stallions for Proud Meadows - Jorrit, Tinus, Drummond and Tjerk.

       Over the years our carefully selected Forward Moving Friesians’ proven athletic abilities have solidified the leadership role Proud Meadows plays in the continuing development of the Friesian for dressage and other sports, and the value of the breed in general.

       All Proud Meadows' horses are registered with the German registry (FPZV) through its North American affiliate, the Friesian Horse Society (FHS). Our five foundation stallions were all originally registered with the Dutch registry (FPS). Now, as we move into the future, and because of our dedication to high breeding standards, all horses must be fully registered with either the FPZV or the FPS for consideration by Proud Meadows.

       The story of Proud Meadows is filled with exciting stories and unimaginable accomplishments. The following chronology describes some of the highlights we have experienced over the years and mentions specific awards and accomplishments that have most profoundly impacted the development of Proud Meadows and its philosophy.



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