Friesian Horse Finders is a no-fee service provided through Proud Meadows, who is a founding member of the service. We are dedicated to finding you the best horse for the best price.

       We are not brokering horses on behalf of one or two farms (Proud Meadows has very few horses for sale in a given year). We are not affiliated with any registry. We are not commissioned salespeople trying to create demand and high sales of Friesians.

       The demand for Friesians is already there. What Friesian Horse Finders does is manage that demand for the benefit of the buyer/owner and the Friesian breed. We always strive to match the right horse with the right owner. We are lovers of the breed and believe that the breed will prosper and grow only if people have satisfying experiences while owning their Friesian.

       Our international network of sellers and experts works together so that all costs are built into the price of the horse. Only special consultations from outside experts, travel expenses, and, infrequently, medical and importing costs are additional to the sale price.

       Before Proud Meadows got involved with Friesian Horse Finderss we insisted on comparing the prices of FHF horses to current market prices. We evaluated 10 horses that were immediately available through Friesian Horse Finders. Using our long experience to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each horse, and what they would be good for, we determined that Friesian Horse Finders’ horses were 10-20% below the current market price. We then understood that Friesian Horse Finders is a valuable service for both buyers and the breed, not an attempt to leverage the marketplace. It benefits sellers because their horses are sold more quickly with less effort. That saves them money by cutting advertising expenses and reducing the regular feed, stabling, farrier, and medical costs of maintaining a horse for sale.

       In the late 90’s Proud Meadows imported a number of fine stallions, geldings, and mares from Europe in order to sell them in the North American market. We found good homes for all of these horses, even if it was sometimes in the barn of the second owner, not the first. It was a learning experience but we ultimately decided not to become an importer.

       During this time we met many people wanting to purchase a Friesian from any source, not just us. All too often we ended up seeing a bad fit between the horse and the new owner. Some spent too much money on too much horse. Some invested in a stallion when they really needed a gelding. Some felt they had gotten the deal of the century when in fact there was a good reason why the horse was priced so low. Many new Friesian owners got caught up in bloodlines and the breeding societies’ different philosophies, and paid too little attention to what they wanted from the horse they were buying.

       Even we have made some mistakes. In our earliest days, all we wanted were a few Friesians for high-level all-breed dressage competition, exhibitions and demonstrations. We didn’t know it then but that desire meant that we were going to need stallions, not mares or geldings. And fulfilling our desire had long-term consequences for the kind of farm we would have. We did become a home for stallions, but if we had known then what being a stallion farm would involve in time, effort, infrastructure and expense, we might have chosen to remain at mid-level dressage.

       Since those days, we, as a Friesian farm of some reputation, continue to see bad fits between horse and owner. They come into our training center and to Keurings held at Proud Meadows every year, not to mention all of the phone calls and e-mails asking us for advice. Friesian Horse Finders is our effort to help remedy this problem. On the positive side, having seen great matches between horses and owners motivates us to help the good fit happen as much as possible. We have been partly responsible for stimulating interest in the Friesian, so we see this as a responsibility.

       Part of the problem of bad matches comes from the mistaken belief that all Friesians are the same. Some Friesian breeders have contributed to this problem by marketing their horses in a very singular way, meaning “a Friesian is a Friesian is a Friesian.” And people believe it.

       This notion is complete nonsense.

       Friesian horses are as individual as their owners. Knowing that a Friesian is a “legendary black horse” of “placid temperament, high intelligence, and dramatic presence” combined with “excellent abilities in dressage and driving” (all at the same time being “a favorite family pet”), is a starting point for interest in the breed, not a description of the horse being purchased. For example, did you know that some Friesians are a bit lazy? That’s fine for a Sunday carriage ride, but is not what you want from a competition horse. Did you know that a stallion needs to be trained and ridden no less than three days a week? A weekend stallion can be a real problem in the barn. Did you know that the modern bloodlines are rather recent and limited? That impacts your decision to become a breeder.


       Finally, we have had success in finding the perfect horse for many riders. There is nothing like positive reinforcement to give impetus to Friesian Horse Finders. Most notable of these successes is the horse that Proud Meadows co-owns with renowned trainer and author, Jane Savoie.

       Upon her request in 2002 Proud Meadows and Sabine Schut-Kery made an international search for a horse that had the abilities to go to the highest levels of dressage, but that was young enough so that Jane could train him in her own way. We succeeded only after going to the Netherlands to take advantage of Sabine's trusted contacts there. The result was Menno, now affectionately called “Moshi.”

       “The Friesian is unique in its movement and conformation. One cannot use Warmblood standards to select a good dressage Friesian. I recognized this as soon as I decided to train and compete a Friesian. I also recognized that there was only one place that demonstrated both a deep knowledge of dressage and the Friesian breed- Proud Meadows."

       "Proud Meadows took the time and made every effort to completely understand what I was looking for. The horse that they found for me was not a close match- it was a perfect match.”
                 - Jane Savoie



“"The horse Proud Meadows found for me
was not a close match- it was a perfect match.”

                      Jane Savoie



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