The single most distinctive universal quality of the Friesian breed is its temperament. That is the reason that Friesian stallions make a great complement to any breed of mare. We have been actively crossbreeding our Friesian stallions for the past ten years and we can say with certainty that the Friesian passes on its temperament to its crossbred offspring.

       Some Friesian owners and organizations believe that crossbreeding should be prohibited because it will lead to the demise of the breed. We certainly understand that position and as a result, Proud Meadows will never crossbreed a Friesian mare. As long as Friesian mares are not crossbred, the breed will always remain intact. We have many examples from our crossbreeding program where the cross is used in competition and we know they can be exceptional in whatever sport they are used in. The intelligence of the Friesian becomes apparent in the cross’s willingness and ability to train.

       Naturally, we are very proud of our gelding Beau, who at the age of six earned the 2003 National Combined Driving Singles Championship, awarded by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). In 2008 he earned international notice for representing the US in the World Singles Driving Championships in Poland, driven by Bill Peacock. You will note from the picture below that Beau exhibits certain characteristics he inherited from the Friesian, including his eyes, bone structure and natural carriage. From his Holsteiner dam, he inherited his color and general stature.

       All of our stallions have either been approved or have successfully gone through the Keuring in the approval process. One of your advantages of doing business with Proud Meadow is that all of our stallions offered have passed extensive medical examinations, including x-rays, that are used to determine the probability that the stallion will not pass on any undesirable characteristics through breeding.




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