Foaled 1985
16.2H, all black
Sporthorse Conformation
Approved Stallion, 1997
Friesenpferde Zuchtverband e.V. (FPZV)

2003 Awarded the FN Golden Horse Award

2001 USDF listed in 6th Place, Grand Prix Freestyle

2000 USDF National Champion, Prix St. Georges

        Jorrit in a word: charisma.

      Yet one word is not enough. Beauty, talent, extraordinary movement, playful, conceited, intelligent, fantastic. and “God’s Horse” are the other words commonly exclaimed when people describe Jorrit.

       Jorrit started his career at Proud Meadows as an exhibition horse. He wowed audiences from coast to coast and even appeared on the NBC Today Show. Certainly the case could be made that Jorrit was, and still is, the most popular and recognizable Friesian in the United States. After this tremendous success in demonstrations, everyone thought we were crazy to risk it all by having Jorrit go back into the show ring after a seven-year absence.

       Jorrit made it easy for us to make that decision. And he did not disappoint. When Jorrit retired in 2001 he was the first Friesian Stallion ever in the long and prestigious history of the breed to compete at the Grand Prix Level. He not only competed, but he finished his competition career listed at 6th Place nationally against all breeds. For this and his lifetime of achievement on two continents, he was the first North American Friesian to be awarded the German Federation Nationale’s Golden Horse Award, awarded only to exemplary horses of any breed that meet high German standards.

       Jorrit’s bloodline is not only excellent, but historic. He is the son of Mark P, and grandson of Tetman 205. Jorrit’s offspring exhibit his great movement plus his confident and playful disposition. Breed to Jorrit with the ultimate in confidence.

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