Proud Meadows is honored to offer you five Friesian Stallions for your breeding consideration. All of the stallions except Bogart are approved for breeding by the FPZV. Bogart has passed the Keuring and only has to pass the Stallion Performance Test, which will be held early 2006. We are confident that Bogart will pass the test but we cannot guarantee that result.

       The competition accomplishments of our stallions are from Open Competitions in United States Dressage Federation (USDF) sanctioned events. Open Competition means open to all breeds. This causes some confusion when you compare the accomplishments of our stallions to other Friesian stallions that list good scores within single breed competition.

       For example, when Tinus won the 2nd Level Championship in 1999, he competed against 1600 other qualified horses. That competition included all of the fine European Warmbloods competing in the United States.

       So be assured that our stallions are more than just champions of their breed. All of our stallions have received numerous awards from their breeding registry but we believe the USDF awards tell the mare owner just how accomplished these stallions are, compared to any competition horse.

       We like to think of Proud Meadows as “one stop shopping.” We categorize Friesians into three basic body types - the Classic, the Baroque and the Sport Horse. We offer all three types for your consideration. In addition, if maximum mane is desired, Illiad will more than satisfy your requirements.

       Please remember that horses with good movement are a plus even if you are just looking for a pet. The movement of our stallions is exceptional and verified by their results in competition.

       We also offer a broad range of pricing that should be able to fit most mare owners' budgets.

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