What is the HC & TC?
HydroConditioning (HC) is for the healthy horse. The Therapy Center (TC) is for the injured horse. Both are provided by our state-of-the-art underwater treadmill hydrospa in a safe and sanitary environment, operated by our experienced and certified staff. The unique advantage of this variable speed treadmill system is that the horse walks in proper form while buoyed by the water and massaged by Jacuzzi jets, unlike other water treatments where the horse must simply struggle in swimming.

For the injured horse, treadmill HydroTherapy has the triple benefit of gently healing the horse, simultaneously increasing its fitness, and avoiding collateral injuries and muscle strain. Injured horses can regain their full abilities in 50% less time than with conventional therapies.

Almost any healthy horse- used for any purpose- can benefit from HydroConditioning. Regular treatments accelerate the horse's progress toward peak fitness, and continuing treatments help maintain the horse.

Many Conditioning Uses
Proud Meadows uses the hydrospa to keep its retired champion stallion, Jorrit, in shape for breeding and in good spirits. We use it to keep Tinus, our 16-year old Grand Prix competition stallion, in optimum condition without a lot of punishing groundwork. Our breeding mares get regular treatments after foaling to restore their fitness after the long pregnancy; we believe this will extend their breeding lives. And our young competition horses are exercised prior to the season so that the trainers can school the horses under saddle instead of getting them into shape after the winter layoff. One of the surprising discoveries we have made is that all of these horses seem to really enjoy the workouts.

Think about how your horse could benefit from regular treatments.

Affordable, any way you choose it
The HCTC is very affordable at $35 per treatment. HCTC offers package discounts for 5 to 20 treatments with a 20 treatment package cost of just $500. The facility is designed for easy trailering in of horses and same-day appointments are always available.

HCTC/Boarding package services are also available. Call so that we can discuss your needs and how to best accommodate you.

Download The Full Story
Download our eight-page brochure to get the complete story about how the hydrospa works, how we discovered HydroConditioning, and more about the healing benefits of HydroTherapy. HydroConditioning (pdf:324KB)

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